A quick lookup one-pager for common DATE functions in SQL
An analysis to find the right threshold of the most impactful frequency of user communication
A framework of product experimentation - the procedure and analysis.

February 2023

My favorite blogs and newsletters to read about data and product analysis, data science, and data engineering.
How to apply CASE conditional expressions to specify a result when there are multiple conditions.
Using machine learning to solve common challenges in product and data analytics. How to figure out which model to use for which business case.
A practical guide on how to locate and measure a tricky product persona of adjacent users in SQL, and challenges of getting such analysis in product…

January 2023

A roundup of the most popular not-to-miss conferences, events, and workshops around data and ML this year.
Should you invest in influence marketing to grow your product? What is the expected ROI? Here’s some math behind.
How to get the frequency of usage and create a user activity histogram for user engagement analysis in SQL.
Introduction and must-know statistical concepts for data analysis and data science

December 2022

A recap of 2022 and its best publications, a little gratitude, a lot of confetti, and what’s coming next