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Hey Olga. This was a great read. I loved the Product adoption metrics part which helped me in one of my recent interviews. Thank you so much for this blog and all the great reads and events you have been sharing. It has definitely helped me in refining my analytical skills. :)

I came across this case study question as I am learning more about how A/B tests help in analyzing the success and engagement of new product feature releases.

Say you're conducting an A/B test for a new product feature in a B2C company, and your test cycle is typically 5 weeks. Two weeks has passed so far and your results are as follows:

Week 1: The conversion rate of your Control group is higher

Week 2: The conversion rate of your Test group is higher

Now the executive leadership team wants to know how the test is performing since they want to decide whether to release the feature or not. The leadership team is not willing to wait for the test to run for 5 whole weeks, since they would like to take this business decision a lot sooner;

The question is how will you present you analysis to the leadership team and how will you explain the change in conversion rate between your test and control groups?

From your experience, I would love to hear your thoughts on this especially on how you would present your analysis to the executive team and what other data points would you take into account while answering follow ups from your leadership team.

Looking forward to hearing from you. :)

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