What is Data Analysis Journal about?

This journal is about data analysis, data science, and business intelligence.

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There is so much theory around today about big data, and I aim to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements. I write about practical examples, interesting solutions, interview questions, helpful tips, upcoming events, and relevant news for busy analysts.

Who Should Read the Journal?

You are a data scientist, data analyst, researcher, product analyst, data engineer, or anyone interested in gaining behind the scenes insight into the data analysis world or staying in tune with events and trends in technology across the big data industry.

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Who am I?

I'm Olga Berezovsky, Senior Data Analyst and Big Data enthusiast, ice skater, chocolate lover, and a pilot. Born in Ukraine. Based in San Francisco. I am a volunteer at PyLadies, Women Who Code, and Women in Analytics. Read more about my projects and values - http://olgaberezovsky.com/

Why am I doing this?

I am on a mission to bring classic Data Analysis back.

I’ve met too many data scientists who don’t understand analysis and BI (LTV, MRR, CAC MAU), or PMs who don’t do proper A/B testing and user analytics, or data engineers who overcomplicate data pipelines.

As technologies have matured, they cease to have a cutting-edge advantage and instead become a competitive expectation for many companies. It forces analysts to focus on “how” rather than “what” or “why” in their work. I started this journal because I want to encourage and inspire my fellow data fans and enthusiasts to go back to the basics and enjoy genuine data analysis.

What Will You Get?

Every week I pick only essential news and insights for you to learn about data analysis:

  • webinars, meetups, and publications you shouldn’t miss

  • popular frameworks for data analysis

  • SQL hacks

  • Python exercises and interview questions

  • common data analysis topics and challenges

  • must-have applications, tools, and software for data analysis

  • business intelligence and web analytics tools overview

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