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Go behind the scenes of genuine data analysis and data storytelling.

Data Analysis Journal bridges the gap between academic knowledge and industry requirements.

Being data-driven and knowing technologies is not a cutting-edge advantage anymore, but rather a competitive expectation for many companies. It makes analysts rush, losing the sense of clarity and purpose.  

Data Analysis Journal is your place for inspiration, guidance, solutions, tips, tricks, and even networking opportunities. 

You may have an excellent theoretical background, but if you can’t ace A/B interview questions or connect user growth with revenue impact in your next quest for a promotion, you haven’t mastered the basis of data analysis. That’s what this journal is for. I want to help you grow and upskill

My story

I’m Olga, a Senior Lead Data Analyst and big data enthusiast, born in Ukraine and based in San Francisco. I’m an analyst at heart and by choice and believe that math rules the Universe.   

When I completed my postgraduate studies, I was full of dreams and knowledge, but I still lacked the terminology to converse with interviewers and was speaking a language that people didn’t understand (literally).

The problem was not because I couldn’t pronounce “consecutive” (I still can’t), but because I didn’t know how to position myself, what industry leaders expect from an analyst, what or even where to research case studies, and didn’t have the network to make meaningful professional connections. 

That’s why Data Analysis Journal has pointed, easy-to-read content. I know what interviewers look for, what good or bad analysis practice is, and how to survive juggling many projects at once. 

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You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experts who are as passionate about data analysis as I am. When you read about their paths to success, you’ll realize that this job is anything but boring.

If you have the time, you can also read my longer articles, which take a deep dive into data acquisition, cleaning, analysis, and visualizations. You’ll find plenty of impactful stories and lots of humor, too. 

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I love what I do, and my mission is to show you just how exciting and impactful data analysis can be.